Live up to our potential

Persuasive demeanor in business

Being authentic is the key to persuade colleagues and business partners, it builds a strong trusting relationship. This workshop targets that you discover the king inside you and to activate and optimize your strengths.


We focus on verbal as well as non-verbal skills: While your words and voice provide some of the information the body language and stance complement that and ideally support each other´s message. We awaken the king or queen within you so you are able to take the lead in your presentations and business life: authentic and joyful.

Goal: Awaken the inner king or queen and optimize your strengths to be authentic and live up to your potential.
Target Group: Executives, Entrepreneurs, Freelancer, Employees. All who would like to take the lead.
Prerequisites: None
Description: Awaken your inner ing or queen and know how to leverage it. Get to know how you discover your strengths as well as how to develop and optimize them. Each person has a unique combination of talents and skills. If you use them in the best and authentic way nobody can stop you.
Content: The seminar includes: <ul><li>What is authenticity and what is charisma</li><li>Perception by yourself and by others: the well being factor</li><li>body language and stance</li><li>Overcome insecure feelings and strengthening</li></ul>
Method: The methods include lecture and individual exercises.
Trainer: Ellen Hermens
Seminar type: Inhouse Seminar and public speaking seminar
Duration: 1 day
Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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