Empower with feedback

It´s easy to give encouraging feedback

Today as a leader we are often forced to provide feedback in performance reviews and coachings as a leader. Sometimes even in front of groups. Often enough it is either only criticizing or white wash or lacking specific recommendations for improvement.

This workshop conveys how you discover strengths and weaknesses in your employees and how to communicate problems in a solution oriented way. For motivation and change.

Goal: Be able to provide excellent and valuable feedback in your business life.
Target Group: Executives, Entrepreneurs, Freelancer, Employees. All who regularly motivate people.
Prerequisites: None
Description: In this workshop you get to know how you set up your feedback and how you communicate so the feedback receiver can accept it. On top of that you will know what motivates and drives people to best performance.
Content: The seminar includes: <ul><li>Factors which support a positive atmosphere for a feedback culture in an organization </li><li>Strengths and weaknesses, benefits and risks of feedback and evaluations - and how to prevent traps</li><li>How to empower in building confidence</li><li>Refining your own evaluation and feedback skills</li></ul>
Method: The methods include lecture and individual exercises.
Trainer: Ellen Hermens
Seminar type: Inhouse Seminar and public speaking seminar
Duration: 1 day
Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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