Public speaking seminars for organizations,
Kingmaker corporation program

Benefit from your employees presenting like a king

Imagine your team: each one representing your message and our company image in one harmonious way. Your guests, visitors, clients and business partners all get the same great impression of your company. You can achieve that by a Kingmaker seminar.

No matter if you prepare a roadshow, staff a booth at a fair, send a speaker to an expert forum or a congress: Your employees make an impression to others and represent your company. With Kingmaker seminars you make sure that it is the image of your company you like.

Optimize your efforts
- in the Kingmaker corporation program

Every organization has their unique combination of employees who interact the better the higher their team spirit and the more they are loyal. Both can be improved by seminars.

Studies prove that employees who receive recognition and can excel their strengths are more loyal and often go one mile further than what´s expected by their job specification. To have a say in the vision of their organization and develop together a common way to communicate with each other as well as clients supports that and increases the team spirit. Remember: your employees represent your company - always and everywhere.

The concept of the Kingmaker corporation program brings together specific seminars and complementary 1:1 coaching and sets your organization up for success.

Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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