Vision workshop

Seize your organization´s treasures   

The best innovative ideas to increase efficiency of your organization and work processes come from your own employees. They know the work processes in detail and know where small changes make a big difference. Additionally when you develop a vision together with your employees - or your leadership team - then you set a strategy for success.

In our vision workshops we help finding the nuggets in your organization in eliciting from a multitude of ideas and points of view the core and set up a common and harmonious vision.

Engage your employees to be proud of their organization

When involving your employees in creating a common message and vision they not only follow but participate and are strongly involved - and more loyal. They are be proud of a vision created together. This workshop takes care that your employees truly represent your company.

Goal: Develop one common vision and strategy of your company or department
Target Group: Executives, Entrepreneurs, Employees. All who need a shared vision
Prerequisites: None
Description: The workshop is moderated by a strong leader who involves all attendees and collects all perspectives and ideas and supports to develop a vision and strategy in your team
Content: The workshop is oriented strongly on the organization - the Kingmaker Institute provides experienced moderation and leads through the workshop
Method: The methods include moderated discussions, mediation, conflict handling, exercises, brainstorming, creativity techniques and team building
Trainer: Ellen Hermens
Seminar type: Inhouse Seminar
Duration: 2 days
Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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