Kingmaker coaching

Personalized, intense and inspiring 

You look for a coach to bring forward the best skills, strengths and talents? You prefer a personalized coaching for you only? Then the Kingmaker coachings are your best choice as we focus on your personal success. 

Coachings are all personalized and are based on your level of expertise. Feel free to choose among telephone, Skype or live coaching sessions.

Business coaching - persuade in your work life

The business coaching variant focuses on techniques to strengthen your confidence as well as how to leverage your best skills and talents. We believe that a weakness is a skill simply in the wrong context or situation - change that and it becomes a strength. 

The business coaching includes leadership topics and personal development within your work life. 

Speech coaching - be a king on stage

Reap the benefits of speech coaching and discover our potential and your inner king or queen. We are the catalyst which boosts your development into motion.

Develop and activate your unique speaking style. Leverage your strengths for best performance - authentic and with ease. That brings joy which is the spark to set your audience on fire. Gain more than followers: drivers who bring your idea and project forward pro-actively.    

Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

Speaker | Author
Trainer | Coach