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"I saw you several times as an exceptional speaker. The way you proposed your ideas shows that you are an excellent analyst - but also close to people. You touched me with your speeches. Thank you."

Most trainings and engagements take place in Germany and German language (German events), nevertheless there are regularly events in Europe where Ellen Hermens speaks in English.

Krakow, Poland 
Leverage the Best in You

Sunday, 18. May 2014 - 10:45 - Room E

Ellen Hermens is honored to lead a workshop of the District 59 Spring Conference in front of an international audience.

Imagine being in the flow when everything goes easy and your performance is on top. You enjoy it and get carried away, because you excel your skills and strengths.
But: why is it that so many people look at what they don’t have? Why is it that they don’t leverage their strongest assets?
This workshop is about your strongest assets: knowing your unique skill set and being the Best of You. How you appreciate and leverage what is already yours. Join in when Ellen shows the 7 steps to the path to improve your life, to the best YOU that´s possible. 

3.5 Days Retreat-Workshop: Leverage the Best in You

German Alps
3.5 Days Retreat-Workshop:
Leverage the Best in You

Workshop Intensive

When: Thursday through Sunday, 18.-21. September 2014

The “business plan” workshop intensive for your strengths, strategies and success within the German Alps

3.5 day Workshop Intensive, Special First-Time Price: 999,- €, 
Details: 3.5 Days Retreat-Workshop: Leverage the Best in You

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