Infotainment - Edutainment, entertain with lectures

Do you remember a presentation like that: so boring that your thoughts wandered off and you asked yourself what the speaker talked about. And on the other side: lectures which keep your attention from the first word and which inspired you. Speeches you still like to remember.

This workshop is about how to inspire your audience. Use your skills to entertain while delivering your presentation.

Goal: Goal of this seminar is to define the term "Infotainment" so the attendees are able to develop their own entertaining speeches and lectures.
Target Group:  Entrepreneurs, Freelancer, Executives, Employees. All who want to present in way to be sure their message comes across and inspires.
Prerequisites:  None
Description: Gain skills in this video workshop how you enthuse your audience and use successfully edutainment (built from education + entertainment) and infotainment (built from information + entertainment). Optimize your rhetoric skills.
Content: The seminar includes these topics: <ul><li>Identify entertaining elements in speeches</li><li>How to use metaphors</li><li>Exercises with video recordings</li><li>How to involve your audience</li></ul>
Method: The methods include lecture and individual exercises. Video recordings and accordingly feedback support the improvement.
Max. attendees: 8
Note: The price includes beverages and snacks.
Trainer: Ellen Hermens
Seminar type: Inhouse Seminar and open rhetoric seminar
Duration: 2 days
Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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