Values strengthen Kingmakers like a knight

These values are the underlying common basis for all seminars, coaching and speeches.

E.R.I.C.= Excellence + Respect + Integrity + Clients


Excellence stands for the focus on best performance and exploiting your potential. We strengthen your strengths, because in areas in which you are already good or great you can achieve best results. These strengths are your best asset. We examine any weakness not to bias your best results and help you turn them into assets.


Respect is the basis for our work with you - our clients - and as well the respect for your clients and audience. Speakers are responsible for the audience: to lead their audience through emotional states, teach them and bring new insight. As a leader you are responsible for your employees: to lead them successfully and recognize their development. 


Integrity strengthens your credibility and reliability. Sincerity is one aspect, but it is more than that: only when you deliver what you promise people trust you more and more. 

Clients, audience, customers

All other values and all our work concentrate on this: YOUR benefit. The audience, the clients are what matters most. This includes not only ours but yours too. We consider ourselves successful only when we fulfill our assignment. 

Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

Speaker | Author
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