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A person who is authentic is trustworthy and real. We think true success is to live up to your potential. 

Authenticity is not being perfect, but rather be upright. Author Ellen Hermens shows in this German audio book why it is beneficial being authentic and provides specific tips how to discover and develop our potential.

Audio book: Authentische Rhetorik

(Authentic rhetorics)

Author: Ellen Hermens

Speaker: Pascal Breuer + Solveig Jeschke

2 CDs, appr. 120 min.

Audio book Authentische Rhetorik (Authentic rhetorics)
in the package "Praxiswissen für Manager" (Practical knowledge for managers)

5 audio books in a box:

  • Authentische Rhetorik (authentic rhetorics) by Ellen Hermens
  • 12 Gesetze des Erfolgs (12 laws of success)
  • Kreativität im Business (creativity in business)
  • Performance by Balance
  • Zeitmanagement (time management)

10 CDs and over 600 min. 

EUR 79,99 (D/A)
ISBN 978-3-86804-222-1 

Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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