Preparing Speeches like a Professional Speaker

There are many details you can prepare for a successful speech or lecture: starting at the structure and analysis of the audience up to the success of your speech.

Goal: The goal of this seminar is to get to know how you can prepare your presentation professionally and comprehensively
Target group: All who deliver speeches or lectures
Prerequisites: none
Description: A proper preparation is a secret to the success of an excellent speech or lecture. Get to know how you can best prepare your speeches - get an overview what kind of things you can prepare and especially how to stay calm during your speech.
Content: The seminar includes following topics:<ul><li>Analysis of audience</li><li>Different kinds of how you can structure your presentation for different purposes</li><li>PowerPoint - Yes or no?</li><li>Preparing gestures</li><li>How to start and end your speech effectively</li><li>Humor & Citations</li><li>Know how to handle interruptions</li></ul>
Method: The methods in this seminar include lecture and individual exercises.
Max. attendees: 8
Note: Included in the price are: beverages and snack.
Trainer: Ellen Hermens
Seminar type: Inhouse Seminar and open rhetoric seminar
Duration: 1 day
Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

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