Kingmaker Training

Benefit from the group

Set yourself up to deliver great presentations and speeches with the presentation training, public speaking seminars and speech workshops. Persuade with power so people believe in you and stand up for our idea and project.

In feedback trainings you refine your communication skills towards employees and learn how to motivate and empower with feedback.

Think about an inhouse training if you have five or more employees for a workshop. We customize our training to your requirements, for example to train your fair staff to represent your company and your message with one image and style.

The Kingmaker trainings contain many exercises and are especially effective in small groups. So the attendees take a big step in their personal development. 

Inquire the options

  • King on Stage & King in Your Career
    Truly own the stage and lead your employees with natural dignity

    • public speaking seminar / presentation training / coaching

  • Present ONE Image: Many Employees, ONE Message
    Your employees represent your organization, your department in a consistent manner

    • public speaking seminar for companies / inhouse seminar 

  • Empower with Feedback
    Motivate people with excellent feedback skills - in more than just performance reviews 

    • feedback workshops / executive coaching

  • Present up to Your Potential
    Refine your unique speaking style in knowing what strength is in you, excel that and develop it further 

    • public speaking seminar / presentation training / coaching

Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

Speaker | Author
Trainer | Coach