About the Kingmaker Institute

The key to superior public speaking and leadership

The Kingmaker Institute services addresses executives, companies and individuals who prepare themselves for a leadership position. They not only have to deliver speeches regularly but as well represent their organization in public and internally. The Kingmakers see ourselves as the catalyst which start and boost your development of your public speaking and leadership skills.

The institute´s founder and owner Ellen Hermens excels as speaker, author, trainer and coach. A team of specialists strengthen the Kingmaker Institute service in the field of leadership and communication.

Awaken your king or queen

You´ll benefit in a variety of fields from refining your public speaking and leadership skills with Kingmaker workshops and seminars. You are going to speak confidently, receive more recognition, raise the kudos of your organization and gain allies who run for our projects and ideas.

The core of all is E.R.I.C.
just like a knight

The fundament of the Kingmaker Institute can´t be stronger: the values which reside in the abbreviation E.R.I.C.: Excellence, Respect, Integrity and Clients. Best performance combined with respect and integrity of the trainer and the customers are the core of the service for your clients.

Ellen Hermens - The Kingmaker, CEO, The Kingmaker Institute

Ellen Hermens
The Kingmaker 

Speaker | Author
Trainer | Coach